Lift and Tuck with no scalpel…a Jeans Makeover for BoomerBabes!

Any BoomerBabe can wear wear jeans well, if the jeans are the correct jean for your particular body! Chic, sophisticated jeans can be one of the major anchors in a BoomerBabe’s wardrobe, since they can be worn for so many occasions, dressed up or down.

What is the correct jean for the BoomerBabe body? First of all, it has to fit…perfectly. A higher rise is usually best for BoomerBabes, as it hides a myriad of challenges, such as “muffin-top,” that faded old tattoo of what’s-his-name and your C-Section scar! If the jean also tucks in the tummy and lifts your tush, wow!

Where to find such a splendid, body-altering, life-changing jean? In the fabulous brand “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.” They are designed for us. They have the perfect rise for BoomerBabe bodies (not the dreaded Mom-jean rise, and not your daughter’s down-to-oops! rise) and the fabulous tummy-tucking, tush-lifting qualities are invisibly built into the jean. This brand also comes in many flattering styles and in Regular, Plus or Petite sizes.

Secondly, you must have a sophisticated color for your anchor jean. The best, most versatile choice for BoomerBabes is a solid, very dark blue or blue-black.

Thirdly, for BoomerBabes, the anchor jean should be a clean, chic and sophisticated finish, with no rips, tears, whiskering, abrasions, embellishments or pleats, in a good-quality denim with a bit of stretch in the fabric so they keep their shape. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans have these perfect jeans in abundance.

TIP: If you have a straighter figure, you can opt for a straight leg jean or a boot cut jean.

NYDJ “Marilyn” tonal blue, Straight-Leg jeans ( also in Petite and Plus sizes)

TIP: For petite women, a straight leg is best as it will make you appear taller.

TIP: If your figure is curvier, such as an hour-glass or pear, the boot cut jean will be best as it will balance out your curves. A straight or skinny leg will only emphasize any issues that you consider you might have.

NYDJ “Sarah” blue/black Boot-Cut jeans (also in Petite and Plus sizes)

TIP: If you are longing for a skinny-legged jean or “jeggings” (denim leggings), go for it, and wear a thigh-length top over the jeans for a great look.

NYDJ “Slim Jeggings” dark blue denim leggings

Once you have your perfect anchor jeans, another few dollars spent at the tailor can make them even more perfect.

TIP: Make sure the tailor understands that the color of the thread they use has to match the existing color thread in the jeans.

TRICK: If the jeans need hemming, tell the tailor to use the existing hem. (In other words, have them cut off the original hem, cut the jeans to the right length, and re-attach the original hem.) That will retain the original style of the jean.

TIP: I find it best to have two pairs of the exact same jean, in two different lengths, one for flats, and one for heels.

TRICK: If you feel you need even more shaping, wear ankle-length, light-weight shapewear underneath.

Spanx Super Control Footless Pantyhose
( also available in high-waisted version )

TRICK: To flatten that annoying pointy bump which protudes from the jeans through your top, try the genius Invisibelt worn through the belt loops of your jeans, under your top. Wear it with the buckle to the side, or in the small of your back, not in the front as the instructions say. Presto! No more weird bump!

Clear Invisibelt

I hope you will be thrilled with your jeans makeover!

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