How to look thinner and younger by getting a Bra Makeover!

BoomerBabes can look years younger and pounds thinner just by wearing a professionally fitted bra in the correct size. Your clothes will fit better, you’ll have improved posture and be much sexier! You may think you know your bra size, but if you’ve been wearing the same size since your prom, probably not! Did you know that approximately 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra?

Since women’s bra sizes change several times throughout their lives due to weight change, menopause, having children, and natural maturing, it is especially wise for BoomerBabes to get an expert fitting. If you have noticed your bras, even new ones, just don’t give your “girls” the proper lift, don’t think you have to settle for a less-than-BoomerBabe look! To return your girls to their former perky, uplifted glory, all you need is the right bra.

Check it out in the mirror. Your bra should lift your bust midway between your shoulders and elbows; it should also gather your bust from the sides and bring it into your body, not leave it wide and spread outward from the ribcage; it should also give you a younger profile of the bust directed straight outward, not down. As we used to say in the rodeo ( yes, I rodeo’ed! ), “Round’em up, move’m out!”

If you’ve never had a professional bra fitting, or if it’s been a few years, now is a good time to have a “bra check-up.” I get a professional bra fitting every couple of years and there are many stores all over the world that offer complimentary bra fittings, such as Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus and Victoria’s Secret. However, I was very interested in getting a bra fitting this time at an Intimacy boutique, founded by the “Bra Whisperer,” Susan Nethero. So, as I wanted to share with my fellow BoomerBabes the experience of a private and expert bra fitting, off I went to the Intimacy boutique managed by a charming woman named Ruth, in Century City, California.

Every fitter in the chain of Intimacy boutiques across the U.S. is trained in the unique tape-measure-free method created by Susan Nethero. My fitter in Century City was Carol, a very knowledgeable and friendly fellow red-head. Just by looking at me, she informed me that I was wearing the wrong size bra, and told me the size I should be wearing. I was skeptical, as I was just standing in the store, fully dressed! She then had me fill out their bra questionnaire ( that was never offered to me at fittings elsewhere!), next we took a “bra tour” through many gorgeous bras so Carol could get a sense of the styles and colors I was interested in, and since she seemed to magically know what size I should wear without measuring me (another first!), I was then escorted into a spotlessly clean, private, dressing room, and we began.

Carol brought in armfuls of stunning bras, all of which I tried on. She assessed each one on me for fit and appearance, would yea or nay them, and she was always right. Carol was also absolutely correct in her original assessment of the size I would be wearing. She should be called the Bra Psychic! I purchased two beautiful bras that fit like a dream. I look forward to going back and buying some of the other beautiful bras that they sell.

If you live within 200 miles of an Intimacy boutique, run! don’t walk, and get a great, free bra fitting. If you live too far away from them, or from any other pro fitter, go to and use their free online fit guide, by clicking on What’s My Size.

Intimacy Boutiques do not sell bras online, but after you know your updated size, have a look at these bras below, and more great bras in the Boomerbabes store:

Tip: If you buy bras online, make sure the online store has a good return policy. I have always had excellent results when ordering bras online, but in the rare instances they didn’t fit, back they went!

Tip: Bring to your bra fitting a thin sweater or fitted t-shirt that you frequently wear so that you can try it on over your final bra choices. If the bra gives you the lift and the profile you want while wearing that top, then that’s a good bra for you.

Tip: While wearing a t-shirt or other thin fabric top, always wear a smooth, lined, t-shirt bra that conceals any show-through.

Tip: If you are shopping for a bra to wear with a unique top or dress (i.e. plunge, strapless, backless, one-shouldered, off-the-shoulder, halter, etc. ) bring it with you to the store so you can try on specialty bras with it. Don’t try to guess at the store, only to go home and discover the bra you just bought is wrong for the garment and you’ve wasted a trip.

Enjoy your bra makeover!

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