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This site was created by Emmy-nominated actress Lee Purcell for grownup women who want to embrace and enhance their inner BoomerBabe!

Lee’s blog provides BoomerBabes® with information and advice to update and maintain their unique style and beauty.

“As a woman, an actress, and a former model, it is my firm belief that if you look your personal best, you will feel your best and be more able to do your best in all areas of your life. Each of us is unique, therefore, your personal best is your best, not someone else’s.

As an actress, I have been fortunate to learn fashion and beauty from many experts in film, TV and stage. As a young model, I learned the power of style. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by beauty and fashion, having been inspired as a young girl by my stylish grandmothers, mother and aunts.

But, I came to a turning point in my life when the latest fashions, makeup, and hairstyles seemed to no longer work with my changing body, face and hair, not on the set or in my personal life.

I still loved beauty and fashion, but beauty and fashion didn’t seem to love me back anymore!

The type of information I needed was no longer just about the latest styles and makeup trends. I needed to know how to consistently adapt the ever-changing trends to my ever-changing appearance. I read many books, talked to numerous experts, pored over countless articles, tried no end of products, but it was hit and miss as there was no clearing house for this type of knowledge.

Through trial and error, I learned how to adapt the always new fashion and beauty world to my evolving face and figure. Consequently, many boomer baby women have consulted with me to do the same for them. Because I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with other BoomerBabes I created BoomerBabes.com to do just that.

This is an evolving website, so you are welcome to subscribe and stay tuned for updates to the blog and the website’s Shop.

Please feel free to ask beauty and fashion questions or to make related comments or to share your own Tips. Just click the Ask Lee tab on the home page. I love to hear from you!

No matter if you were born before, during, or after the colossal baby boom of 1946-1964, or if you’re simply over 40, this website is for YOU, as we all have an inner BoomerBabe to cherish and embrace.”

Lee Purcell

About Lee PurcellTwice-Emmy nominated actress Lee Purcell was recently seen as “Eleanor Sullivan” in the NBC-TV series PERSONS UNKNOWN. Lee has starred in numerous films, television series and theatre, including Valley Girl, Big Wednesday, Long Road Home, Due South and so many more. She has starred with some of Hollywood’s most iconic leading men, including Nicholas Cage, Michael Douglas and Mark Harmon. As a young actress, her first big break was when she was personally selected by film legend Steve McQueen for her first starring role. She has long been fascinated by beauty and fashion, and has created Boomerbabes.com to share with other “grownup” women. To read more about Lee, go to www.leepurcell.com.

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