40 lashes…or more!

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wondered where your long, lush lashes went, there’s hope!

Several BoomerBabes had told me that they were horrified about the mysterious disappearance of their lashes and asked me about a prescription lash growth product, Latisse. So, I did my research, inquired of various experts and discovered some very interesting facts.  Latisse, endorsed by two female celebrities, seemed to be a possible answer…until I found out about the side effects that some women had experienced.

The main ingredient in Latisse, Bimatoprost, is for treating glaucoma, but it was discovered that in some women it also grew lashes, so it is now marketed as a very expensive, prescription only, lash growth product. However, even on its own website, it warns of bad side effects.  One of these side effects is ” increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye likely to be permanent. ” Not very desirable if you have anything other than very dark brown eyes! Other side effects include eyelid darkening, itching, swelling, lash fallout and additional hair growth where Latisse accidentally touches the facial skin ( beards, anyone?). I also found reports of increased eye pressure in certain individuals, rare, but the worst side effect of all. 

Also, since this product has not been around for that long, who knows the long-term effects? So, I do not recommend this chemical to be used on your lashes or anywhere near your precious eyes. 

So, that’s the bad news. However, I have good news. After researching Latisse and several other lash growth products, I came across a little known Swiss product distributed by Mavala, called   Eye-Lite Double Lash. I couldn’t find any bad reports about it, it was inexpensive ( around $16.00 a bottle), and does not need a prescription. It’s a little, humble bottle with a simple mascara wand-like applicator. So, I tried it, fully expecting it not to work. I used it every night on my upper and lower lashes after I removed my makeup, and before putting on eye creme. About a month later, as I was putting on mascara, I was quite startled to that see my eyelashes had grown longer and thicker, by a lot!

Later, some friends thought I was wearing false eyelashes, and when I explained what I’d done, they rushed out to buy Mavala. It’s hard to find, so here it is for you to order here:

I would love to hear how it works for you!

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