Tonal Dressing-look taller and slimmer-instantly!

If you want to look taller and slimmer without spending a dime, Tonal Dressing is a refreshing way to go for anyone of any age, but especially for BoomerBabes®. Tonal Dressing is still trending in fashion, so what is it and how to do it? It’s dressing from head to toe in different tones (shades, variations, lighter or darker) of one of your most flattering colors, to create a new outfit right from your own closet.

You can do as I did, and rearrange your closet according to colors and tones, and you’ll be amazed at the new outfits which magically appear!


Or, if your budget allows you to shop for seasonal wardrobe updates, keep a running list handy as to what new items in which tones of what colors you need to add.

TIP: Keep in mind that the simpler the lines and designs are of the pieces you’re putting together, the better. It’s about the varying tones ( no more than 3-4!) of the color, not the complexities of design.


TIP: You can mix it up a bit more by playing with textures of the tones, such as linen, burnout velvet, leather, denim, satin, suede, subtle sequins, etc. TIP: You can also use one patterned piece for one of the tones, as long as the dominant color in the pattern is a tone of the color you’re focusing on.

Examples of Tonal Dressing could be: dark rose slim ankle pants; a soft pink blouse; burgundy shoes and/or belt; deeper pink bag. For neutrals, you could do a chocolate brown skirt or pants; cafe au lait top; camel sweater, blazer or moto jacket; dark brown boots or shoes; a camel or brown bag.

Create your outfits around the colors that bring a glow to your face. TIP: If you want to elongate your legs, skip the tonal shoes, and do nude colored shoes with a tapered toe and the highest heel you can live with. TIP: Your personalized nude shoe color is matched to the color of your legs, not a one-size-fits-all nude color.

TIP: Tonal Dressing is a clever way to fool the eye. Adjust Tonal Dressing to your own favorite and least favorite parts of your body, playing down your least favorites by wearing the darkest tones there, and playing up your favorites by wearing the lighter tones on those. TIP: If you’re going for overall more height and/or slimness, wear the outer layers, i.e. skirts or pants, jacket or sweater, in similar tones. Unless you are required to wear a two-piece suit for work, don’t do matchy-matchy.

The possibilities are endless, just shop in your own closet, or keep Tonal Dressing in mind when shopping for new items. Every woman’s body is different, so have fun experimenting. I’d love to hear what you come up with!

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