How BoomerBabes can successfully wear black!

As promised, here are additional Tips and Tricks for BoomerBabes to wear black more successfully, day or evening, year round.

If you must wear black, do so in the most flattering way to you now, not as you wore it in the past. Wearing black with a mature complexion is a challenge, as it is aging and harsh to the BoomerBabe face.

The ideal way to wear black as a BoomerBabe is to wear something in your “selected” color (see Party Wear article) between your face and the black of your outfit. Or if you feel comfortable exposing your skin in the neck, shoulder and chest area, that is another way to put distance between your face and a black neckline.

If you yearn to keep wearing black, here are some more Tips and Tricks to help pull it off:

Trick: For day or evening, wear a black skirt or slacks, with your top being in your selected color or your best metallic. Wear some sexy black shoes and opaque, semi-sheer or patterned black hose.

Tip: A lovely evening option for BoomerBabes is for your outfit’s top to be of open black lace, or an open pattern of velvety dots, stripes or plaid in black, with your skin showing through, which is very sexy. Or instead of your skin being revealed, the open black lace or pattern can be on a nude or cream colored backing, which is seen through the fabric, and is also quite sexy.

Tip: Another option is for your black top or dress to have an open neckline, whether it be a portrait neckline, a plunging V, a scoop neckline, a boat neck or an off-the-shoulder style, to expose the skin closest to your face. An off-the-shoulder style is especially flattering for BoomerBabes, as it reveals the ever-lovely shoulders and conceals most everything else. If you don’t love your neck, sweep a silky scarf in your selected color around your throat and let your sexy shoulders do the talking.

Tip: For evening, a gorgeous look is to wear a dress designed with a sheer black chiffon or sheer black mesh neckline insert and sleeves and wear it dripping with diamonds (or excellent zircons!). It’s very elegant, yet glamorous, as your own skin color will show through the sheer black.

Trick: As a very understanding costumer did for me in the television show mentioned below, have a tailor add a white or cream colored collar to your black top or dress, for day or evening. This can be made permanent or it can be made removable with snaps or hooks, so it’s more versatile. The collar can also be made in your selected color if it’s appropriate for the dress.

Tip: Wearing a top or dress with an embellished neckline, in your best metallic or your selected colors, in beading, sequins, or metallic embroidery is a great way to avoid wearing black directly next to your face, for day or evening.

Tip: If you must wear black with no added color to enhance it, then choose a black dress or top in a fabric with sheen to it, not a flat, dull, matte fabric. Choose a black satin or silk, or a black that has a metallic thread running through it. The sheen will soften the aging effects of the black.

Trick: Between your face and the black of your top, wear a bold statement necklace in your selected color or your best metallic. Even the most beautiful of pearls can make BoomerBabes look frumpy, so skip pearls unless you have an edgy, current, statement necklace made of mixed pearls, metals and stones. Save your grandmother’s lovely pearls for combining with some cool thick chains and wear with jeans casually.

Trick: To wear a black winter coat more attractively, have a selection of mufflers, warm hats and gloves in your selected colors or your best metallic to soften the harsh black of the coat next to the face.

Trick: A common mistake is for BoomerBabes to wear more makeup, deeper red lipstick and more blush with black to try to counteract the aging aspect of wearing black. This heavy hand with makeup only makes us look older and harder. Instead, use a light hand with your makeup when wearing black ( and at all other times as well!). Wear a transparent red, plumping lip gloss; soft light cream blush; no metallic or glitter anything; black mascara; and as little foundation and powder as possible.

Tip: If you can, wear black only at night as the soft glow of evening light is much kinder to wearing Boomerbabes wearing black than the harsh light of day.

Trick: If you are wearing a black jacket or cardigan sweater for day or evening, wear a blouse or top under it in your selected color or your best metallic, cut high enough so that it’s closer to your face and neck than the black.

Trick: To wear a black pullover sweater or a top, you can create a pretty effect with your selected color in a silky scarf. Again, just make sure the color is next to your face, instead of the black being next to your face.

Tip: A black turtleneck is a very difficult garment for a BoomerBabe to wear, as not only is there no distance between the black and your face, but it also strongly emphasizes any effects of gravity your jaw line may be showing. So, give away your black turtlenecks, or wrap a scarf in your selected color around the black turtleneck of the sweater.

Trick: Over your LBD, wear a stylish jacket or an evening sweater in your selected color or best metallic.

On the rare occasions that I wear black, I only do so by utilizing my own Tips and Tricks!

In my on-camera work, sometimes the scene calls for my character to wear black, so I wear it on-camera the same way I do off-camera…very carefully. In a recent TV show, my grief-stricken character was shopping for a dress for a funeral. There were many black dresses strewn about the “dressing room”, as if I had been trying them on. The black dress I was actually wearing had a wide and open neckline, exposing an expanse of skin between my face and the black of the dress, lessening the harshness of the black.

In a different television show, I was also required to wear black as my character was attending a “funeral” in a cemetery. For that scene, I wore a black dress with a cream-colored v-neck collar, to diffuse the black.

I often have to wear black on stage, as it is traditional for certain types of performances. I have a selection of black dresses, tops and skirts for stage work, and I employ my Tips and Tricks to wear black more attractively on stage.

So, if you have to wear black, or just want to, above are the ways to do it more successfully.

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