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Seasonal Closet Edit For The BoomerBabe

How the BoomerBabe can make a seasonal closet edit easy, fun, and contemporary.

You will need:

1) A free day, all about you.

TIP: Be sure your hair and makeup are finished, and you’re wearing your best specs or contact lenses or you won’t get an accurate picture of how you look in your own wardrobe.

2) Quantities of your favorite chocolate and music.

3) Plastic lawn ‘n’ leaf bags or large cardboard boxes, and a thick felt-tip marker.

4) Camera or Smartphone.

5) Full-length or three-way full-length mirror.

6) Ample daylight.

7) Paper or electronic device on which to make lists.

8) A rolling clothes rack is helpful, if you have one.

9) Various styles of shapewear and bras.

TIP: If you have a friend whose style you admire, ask them to help!

You only need four categories for your edit:


2) FIX ( tailor, repair, or clean )

3) GO ( donate, sell, consign, or toss)

4) STORE ( in a separate space you can use for archives or seasonal storage)

TIP: Some of the traditional “rules” about closet editing just don’t apply to BoomerBabes. For example: the so-called “two-year rule” demands if you haven’t worn it in two years out it goes! That may work when you’re 22, and it certainly benefits clothing manufacturers, but it’s just wasteful when you’re a grownup woman with a closet full of clothes.

So: Rule # 1: If you love it; if the color and fit flatters your body today; if it is well-made of quality fabric and is in excellent condition; if it looks contemporary right now and follows current silhouette and lines or if it can become so with minor and affordable alterations; if it fits your lifestyle today, then put it in the STAY pile, no matter what year you bought it or when you wore it last.

Obviously, you don’t want to parade around in that minuscule leather miniskirt you wore to the Motley Crue or Madonna concert back in the day, but if you apply Rule #1, you’ll find many wonderful things you already own can have a second life in your closet. You’ll just want to wear them in a different way than when you first bought them, now with different accessories, and a different attitude.

TIP: You can have more STAY clothes by re-purposing, such as the mini-dress becomes a cool tunic with leggings; the conservative blazer becomes the on-trend “Boyfriend “ jacket with a sexy cami, an exotic brooch, dark jeans, knee-high boots; the pencil skirt from your former business suit becomes glamorous when paired with an animal print sweater, great earrings, nude shoes, etc.

TIP: Additional oldies-but-goodies can be: cashmere or merino wool sweaters; leather bags, footwear and accessories; silk or linen shirts; ethnic or vintage pieces; beautiful scarves; wool jackets or coats, almost all jewelry, etc. But, if you don’t like something for any reason at all, put it in the GO pile! Better to have a half-empty closet of clothes you enjoy wearing, than an overflowing closet of things you don’t!

Rule #2: If it’s a candidate for the STAY pile, but it needs minor tailoring, either take it to the tailor right away or put it in the GO pile. If it’s a sentimental piece you must keep, don’t use valuable closet space on it, instead archive it in your STORE space. If a garment is a little snug, but you’re dieting right now, put it in the STORE space. You can always get rid of it during your next seasonal edit. Caution: be very sparing with the MAYBE’S you put in the STORE space!

Rule #3: If the item is a yes to Rule 1 and you can make at least 5 different outfits with it, put it in the STAY pile. If it’s a Stand-Alone item, such as a dress, an evening gown or cocktail dress, but is a yes to Rule 1, then it’s a STAY. If it’s a perfect, but lonely, wardrobe separate (i.e., the perfect, crisp white blouse) and you’re missing the right piece to make it into 5 outfits, then add that missing piece to your shopping list and put that lonely separate into the STORE space. When you’ve bought the missing piece, combine it with the lonely separate to make 5 outfits. 5 outfits, that’s the magic number. Just make sure that whatever you buy to fill in the gap also fits into the 5 outfit equation!

Rule #4: If it’s stained, faded or damaged beyond repair, it’s for the GO pile. Don’t even keep it to walk the dog! You never know who you might meet…hmmm.

Rule #5: Make sure the color is right for you today. As we evolve, color fades from our complexion, eyes and hair and one remedy for that is to liven up your wardrobe with the colors that bring life to your face today. GO the item if it doesn’t give your face a glow.

The last, and most enjoyable, thing you have to do is create outfits from the clothing left from your closet edit. This is where the camera, list-taking, and full-length mirror are necessities. This is where the fun begins!

So: put all your STAY items in one area. Separate them into Tops, Bottoms, Stand-Alones, Outerwear, and Accessories. Put on the appropriate shapewear and bra for each outfit, and have fun creating those 5 complete outfits from each wardrobe item. Include the appropriate bag, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories for every outfit. Take a picture of yourself in each outfit, print it out and keep this visual record handy, in or near your closet. OR you can just make an itemized list of each outfit, noting the correct undergarments as well, to have handy. You will never have trouble again finding a complete outfit to wear at the last minute! And you will be amazed at the versatility of what you already own, saving time, and money and eliminating frustration. Repeat this edit each Fall and Spring and you’ll resolve so many wardrobe AND clutter issues.

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