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Tonal Dressing-look taller and slimmer-instantly!

If you want to look taller and slimmer without spending a dime, Tonal Dressing is a refreshing way to go for anyone of any age, but especially for BoomerBabes®. Tonal Dressing is still trending in fashion, so what is it and how to do it? It’s dressing from head to toe in different tones (shades, variations, lighter or darker) of one of your most flattering colors, to create a new outfit right from your own closet.

You can do as I did, and rearrange your closet according to colors and tones, and you’ll be amazed at the new outfits which magically appear!


Or, if your budget allows you to shop for seasonal wardrobe updates, keep a running list handy as to what new items in which tones of what colors you need to add.

TIP: Keep in mind that the simpler the lines and designs are of the pieces you’re putting together, the better. It’s about the varying tones ( no more than 3-4!) of the color, not the complexities of design.


TIP: You can mix it up a bit more by playing with textures of the tones, such as linen, burnout velvet, leather, denim, satin, suede, subtle sequins, etc. TIP: You can also use one patterned piece for one of the tones, as long as the dominant color in the pattern is a tone of the color you’re focusing on.

Examples of Tonal Dressing could be: dark rose slim ankle pants; a soft pink blouse; burgundy shoes and/or belt; deeper pink bag. For neutrals, you could do a chocolate brown skirt or pants; cafe au lait top; camel sweater, blazer or moto jacket; dark brown boots or shoes; a camel or brown bag.

Create your outfits around the colors that bring a glow to your face. TIP: If you want to elongate your legs, skip the tonal shoes, and do nude colored shoes with a tapered toe and the highest heel you can live with. TIP: Your personalized nude shoe color is matched to the color of your legs, not a one-size-fits-all nude color.

TIP: Tonal Dressing is a clever way to fool the eye. Adjust Tonal Dressing to your own favorite and least favorite parts of your body, playing down your least favorites by wearing the darkest tones there, and playing up your favorites by wearing the lighter tones on those. TIP: If you’re going for overall more height and/or slimness, wear the outer layers, i.e. skirts or pants, jacket or sweater, in similar tones. Unless you are required to wear a two-piece suit for work, don’t do matchy-matchy.

The possibilities are endless, just shop in your own closet, or keep Tonal Dressing in mind when shopping for new items. Every woman’s body is different, so have fun experimenting. I’d love to hear what you come up with!

Seasonal Closet Edit For The BoomerBabe

How the BoomerBabe can make a seasonal closet edit easy, fun, and contemporary.

You will need:

1) A free day, all about you.

TIP: Be sure your hair and makeup are finished, and you’re wearing your best specs or contact lenses or you won’t get an accurate picture of how you look in your own wardrobe.

2) Quantities of your favorite chocolate and music.

3) Plastic lawn ‘n’ leaf bags or large cardboard boxes, and a thick felt-tip marker.

4) Camera or Smartphone.

5) Full-length or three-way full-length mirror.

6) Ample daylight.

7) Paper or electronic device on which to make lists.

8) A rolling clothes rack is helpful, if you have one.

9) Various styles of shapewear and bras.

TIP: If you have a friend whose style you admire, ask them to help!

You only need four categories for your edit:


2) FIX ( tailor, repair, or clean )

3) GO ( donate, sell, consign, or toss)

4) STORE ( in a separate space you can use for archives or seasonal storage)

TIP: Some of the traditional “rules” about closet editing just don’t apply to BoomerBabes. For example: the so-called “two-year rule” demands if you haven’t worn it in two years out it goes! That may work when you’re 22, and it certainly benefits clothing manufacturers, but it’s just wasteful when you’re a grownup woman with a closet full of clothes.

So: Rule # 1: If you love it; if the color and fit flatters your body today; if it is well-made of quality fabric and is in excellent condition; if it looks contemporary right now and follows current silhouette and lines or if it can become so with minor and affordable alterations; if it fits your lifestyle today, then put it in the STAY pile, no matter what year you bought it or when you wore it last.

Obviously, you don’t want to parade around in that minuscule leather miniskirt you wore to the Motley Crue or Madonna concert back in the day, but if you apply Rule #1, you’ll find many wonderful things you already own can have a second life in your closet. You’ll just want to wear them in a different way than when you first bought them, now with different accessories, and a different attitude.

TIP: You can have more STAY clothes by re-purposing, such as the mini-dress becomes a cool tunic with leggings; the conservative blazer becomes the on-trend “Boyfriend “ jacket with a sexy cami, an exotic brooch, dark jeans, knee-high boots; the pencil skirt from your former business suit becomes glamorous when paired with an animal print sweater, great earrings, nude shoes, etc.

TIP: Additional oldies-but-goodies can be: cashmere or merino wool sweaters; leather bags, footwear and accessories; silk or linen shirts; ethnic or vintage pieces; beautiful scarves; wool jackets or coats, almost all jewelry, etc. But, if you don’t like something for any reason at all, put it in the GO pile! Better to have a half-empty closet of clothes you enjoy wearing, than an overflowing closet of things you don’t!

Rule #2: If it’s a candidate for the STAY pile, but it needs minor tailoring, either take it to the tailor right away or put it in the GO pile. If it’s a sentimental piece you must keep, don’t use valuable closet space on it, instead archive it in your STORE space. If a garment is a little snug, but you’re dieting right now, put it in the STORE space. You can always get rid of it during your next seasonal edit. Caution: be very sparing with the MAYBE’S you put in the STORE space!

Rule #3: If the item is a yes to Rule 1 and you can make at least 5 different outfits with it, put it in the STAY pile. If it’s a Stand-Alone item, such as a dress, an evening gown or cocktail dress, but is a yes to Rule 1, then it’s a STAY. If it’s a perfect, but lonely, wardrobe separate (i.e., the perfect, crisp white blouse) and you’re missing the right piece to make it into 5 outfits, then add that missing piece to your shopping list and put that lonely separate into the STORE space. When you’ve bought the missing piece, combine it with the lonely separate to make 5 outfits. 5 outfits, that’s the magic number. Just make sure that whatever you buy to fill in the gap also fits into the 5 outfit equation!

Rule #4: If it’s stained, faded or damaged beyond repair, it’s for the GO pile. Don’t even keep it to walk the dog! You never know who you might meet…hmmm.

Rule #5: Make sure the color is right for you today. As we evolve, color fades from our complexion, eyes and hair and one remedy for that is to liven up your wardrobe with the colors that bring life to your face today. GO the item if it doesn’t give your face a glow.

The last, and most enjoyable, thing you have to do is create outfits from the clothing left from your closet edit. This is where the camera, list-taking, and full-length mirror are necessities. This is where the fun begins!

So: put all your STAY items in one area. Separate them into Tops, Bottoms, Stand-Alones, Outerwear, and Accessories. Put on the appropriate shapewear and bra for each outfit, and have fun creating those 5 complete outfits from each wardrobe item. Include the appropriate bag, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories for every outfit. Take a picture of yourself in each outfit, print it out and keep this visual record handy, in or near your closet. OR you can just make an itemized list of each outfit, noting the correct undergarments as well, to have handy. You will never have trouble again finding a complete outfit to wear at the last minute! And you will be amazed at the versatility of what you already own, saving time, and money and eliminating frustration. Repeat this edit each Fall and Spring and you’ll resolve so many wardrobe AND clutter issues.

A Fairy Tale

Be Careful What You Wish For!

A married couple in their early 60s was celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in a quiet, romantic little restaurant. Suddenly, a tiny, yet beautiful fairy appeared on their table. She said, “For being such an exemplary married couple and for being loving to each other for all this time, I will grant you each a wish.” The wife answered, “Oh, my wish is to travel around the world with my darling husband!” The fairy waved her magic wand and – poof! – two tickets for the Queen Mary II appeared in the wife’s hands. The husband thought for a moment and said: “Well, this is all very romantic, but an opportunity like this will never come again. I’m sorry, my love, but my wish is to have a wife 30 years younger than me.” The wife, and the fairy, were deeply disappointed, but, a wish is a wish.

So, the fairy waved her magic wand and poof!…the husband became 92 years old.

The moral of this story: Men who are ungrateful husbands should remember fairies are female…..

Lift and Tuck with no scalpel…a Jeans Makeover for BoomerBabes!

Any BoomerBabe can wear wear jeans well, if the jeans are the correct jean for your particular body! Chic, sophisticated jeans can be one of the major anchors in a BoomerBabe’s wardrobe, since they can be worn for so many occasions, dressed up or down.

What is the correct jean for the BoomerBabe body? First of all, it has to fit…perfectly. A higher rise is usually best for BoomerBabes, as it hides a myriad of challenges, such as “muffin-top,” that faded old tattoo of what’s-his-name and your C-Section scar! If the jean also tucks in the tummy and lifts your tush, wow!

Where to find such a splendid, body-altering, life-changing jean? In the fabulous brand “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.” They are designed for us. They have the perfect rise for BoomerBabe bodies (not the dreaded Mom-jean rise, and not your daughter’s down-to-oops! rise) and the fabulous tummy-tucking, tush-lifting qualities are invisibly built into the jean. This brand also comes in many flattering styles and in Regular, Plus or Petite sizes.

Secondly, you must have a sophisticated color for your anchor jean. The best, most versatile choice for BoomerBabes is a solid, very dark blue or blue-black.

Thirdly, for BoomerBabes, the anchor jean should be a clean, chic and sophisticated finish, with no rips, tears, whiskering, abrasions, embellishments or pleats, in a good-quality denim with a bit of stretch in the fabric so they keep their shape. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans have these perfect jeans in abundance.

TIP: If you have a straighter figure, you can opt for a straight leg jean or a boot cut jean.

NYDJ “Marilyn” tonal blue, Straight-Leg jeans ( also in Petite and Plus sizes)

TIP: For petite women, a straight leg is best as it will make you appear taller.

TIP: If your figure is curvier, such as an hour-glass or pear, the boot cut jean will be best as it will balance out your curves. A straight or skinny leg will only emphasize any issues that you consider you might have.

NYDJ “Sarah” blue/black Boot-Cut jeans (also in Petite and Plus sizes)

TIP: If you are longing for a skinny-legged jean or “jeggings” (denim leggings), go for it, and wear a thigh-length top over the jeans for a great look.

NYDJ “Slim Jeggings” dark blue denim leggings

Once you have your perfect anchor jeans, another few dollars spent at the tailor can make them even more perfect.

TIP: Make sure the tailor understands that the color of the thread they use has to match the existing color thread in the jeans.

TRICK: If the jeans need hemming, tell the tailor to use the existing hem. (In other words, have them cut off the original hem, cut the jeans to the right length, and re-attach the original hem.) That will retain the original style of the jean.

TIP: I find it best to have two pairs of the exact same jean, in two different lengths, one for flats, and one for heels.

TRICK: If you feel you need even more shaping, wear ankle-length, light-weight shapewear underneath.

Spanx Super Control Footless Pantyhose
( also available in high-waisted version )

TRICK: To flatten that annoying pointy bump which protudes from the jeans through your top, try the genius Invisibelt worn through the belt loops of your jeans, under your top. Wear it with the buckle to the side, or in the small of your back, not in the front as the instructions say. Presto! No more weird bump!

Clear Invisibelt

I hope you will be thrilled with your jeans makeover!

40 lashes…or more!

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wondered where your long, lush lashes went, there’s hope!

Several BoomerBabes had told me that they were horrified about the mysterious disappearance of their lashes and asked me about a prescription lash growth product, Latisse. So, I did my research, inquired of various experts and discovered some very interesting facts.  Latisse, endorsed by two female celebrities, seemed to be a possible answer…until I found out about the side effects that some women had experienced.

The main ingredient in Latisse, Bimatoprost, is for treating glaucoma, but it was discovered that in some women it also grew lashes, so it is now marketed as a very expensive, prescription only, lash growth product. However, even on its own website, it warns of bad side effects.  One of these side effects is ” increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye likely to be permanent. ” Not very desirable if you have anything other than very dark brown eyes! Other side effects include eyelid darkening, itching, swelling, lash fallout and additional hair growth where Latisse accidentally touches the facial skin ( beards, anyone?). I also found reports of increased eye pressure in certain individuals, rare, but the worst side effect of all. 

Also, since this product has not been around for that long, who knows the long-term effects? So, I do not recommend this chemical to be used on your lashes or anywhere near your precious eyes. 

So, that’s the bad news. However, I have good news. After researching Latisse and several other lash growth products, I came across a little known Swiss product distributed by Mavala, called   Eye-Lite Double Lash. I couldn’t find any bad reports about it, it was inexpensive ( around $16.00 a bottle), and does not need a prescription. It’s a little, humble bottle with a simple mascara wand-like applicator. So, I tried it, fully expecting it not to work. I used it every night on my upper and lower lashes after I removed my makeup, and before putting on eye creme. About a month later, as I was putting on mascara, I was quite startled to that see my eyelashes had grown longer and thicker, by a lot!

Later, some friends thought I was wearing false eyelashes, and when I explained what I’d done, they rushed out to buy Mavala. It’s hard to find, so here it is for you to order here:

I would love to hear how it works for you!

How to look thinner and younger by getting a Bra Makeover!

BoomerBabes can look years younger and pounds thinner just by wearing a professionally fitted bra in the correct size. Your clothes will fit better, you’ll have improved posture and be much sexier! You may think you know your bra size, but if you’ve been wearing the same size since your prom, probably not! Did you know that approximately 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra?

Since women’s bra sizes change several times throughout their lives due to weight change, menopause, having children, and natural maturing, it is especially wise for BoomerBabes to get an expert fitting. If you have noticed your bras, even new ones, just don’t give your “girls” the proper lift, don’t think you have to settle for a less-than-BoomerBabe look! To return your girls to their former perky, uplifted glory, all you need is the right bra.

Check it out in the mirror. Your bra should lift your bust midway between your shoulders and elbows; it should also gather your bust from the sides and bring it into your body, not leave it wide and spread outward from the ribcage; it should also give you a younger profile of the bust directed straight outward, not down. As we used to say in the rodeo ( yes, I rodeo’ed! ), “Round’em up, move’m out!”

If you’ve never had a professional bra fitting, or if it’s been a few years, now is a good time to have a “bra check-up.” I get a professional bra fitting every couple of years and there are many stores all over the world that offer complimentary bra fittings, such as Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus and Victoria’s Secret. However, I was very interested in getting a bra fitting this time at an Intimacy boutique, founded by the “Bra Whisperer,” Susan Nethero. So, as I wanted to share with my fellow BoomerBabes the experience of a private and expert bra fitting, off I went to the Intimacy boutique managed by a charming woman named Ruth, in Century City, California.

Every fitter in the chain of Intimacy boutiques across the U.S. is trained in the unique tape-measure-free method created by Susan Nethero. My fitter in Century City was Carol, a very knowledgeable and friendly fellow red-head. Just by looking at me, she informed me that I was wearing the wrong size bra, and told me the size I should be wearing. I was skeptical, as I was just standing in the store, fully dressed! She then had me fill out their bra questionnaire ( that was never offered to me at fittings elsewhere!), next we took a “bra tour” through many gorgeous bras so Carol could get a sense of the styles and colors I was interested in, and since she seemed to magically know what size I should wear without measuring me (another first!), I was then escorted into a spotlessly clean, private, dressing room, and we began.

Carol brought in armfuls of stunning bras, all of which I tried on. She assessed each one on me for fit and appearance, would yea or nay them, and she was always right. Carol was also absolutely correct in her original assessment of the size I would be wearing. She should be called the Bra Psychic! I purchased two beautiful bras that fit like a dream. I look forward to going back and buying some of the other beautiful bras that they sell.

If you live within 200 miles of an Intimacy boutique, run! don’t walk, and get a great, free bra fitting. If you live too far away from them, or from any other pro fitter, go to www.myintimacy.com and use their free online fit guide, by clicking on What’s My Size.

Intimacy Boutiques do not sell bras online, but after you know your updated size, have a look at these bras below, and more great bras in the Boomerbabes store:

Tip: If you buy bras online, make sure the online store has a good return policy. I have always had excellent results when ordering bras online, but in the rare instances they didn’t fit, back they went!

Tip: Bring to your bra fitting a thin sweater or fitted t-shirt that you frequently wear so that you can try it on over your final bra choices. If the bra gives you the lift and the profile you want while wearing that top, then that’s a good bra for you.

Tip: While wearing a t-shirt or other thin fabric top, always wear a smooth, lined, t-shirt bra that conceals any show-through.

Tip: If you are shopping for a bra to wear with a unique top or dress (i.e. plunge, strapless, backless, one-shouldered, off-the-shoulder, halter, etc. ) bring it with you to the store so you can try on specialty bras with it. Don’t try to guess at the store, only to go home and discover the bra you just bought is wrong for the garment and you’ve wasted a trip.

Enjoy your bra makeover!

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